Works in Progress

Here are the ground rules for this page:

  • I add new works to this list when I complete a first draft. (This allows me to create in peace and quiet.)
  • I remove works from this list when one of two things happens: they are published or they are archived/trunked. If a work is published (traditionally or self-published) it migrates to my “About” page. If it is trunked, it migrates to the Great Hard Drive in the Sky.
  • I reveal titles when a final first draft is complete. Until that point, working titles are denoted by capital letters.

In short: works are listed here when a first draft is complete and leave here when they’re published or archived. For updates on works as they happen, follow my Twitter feed.

Here’s the list:

1. Breakpoint.
This is a hard science fiction (no fantasy elements) short story. It’s around 5,000 words. The story is finished and in its final form. I’m submitting now.

2. Pacha-mama.
This is a short story of about 8,000 words. It’s fantasy set in present-day Peru. This story is finished and in its final form. I’m submitting now.

3. The Sludge Ship Chronicles
This is a five-act play. It’s a comedy set in a medieval country resembling Britain. I have wrapped writing/proofing and have started sending this to theaters.

4. The Number Thief.
This short novella (about 15,000 words) features Yusuf ibn-Yaqzan, the protagonist of The Ghul of Yazd. It’s a piece of historical fiction set in North Africa in the early 13th century. I have a complete draft and I am submitting it now.

[LAST UPDATED: Feb. 2017.]

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