Today, I Write

Well today I was going to write a nice, fat blog post. It ain’t gonna happen. X

I have a story burning a hole through me. And I have one chapter left. So, with only x hours to write today, I’m gonna spend that x the best way I know how: by writing fiction. So today, I write.

I will see you guys in a couple of weeks with a bigger post.

And if you’re a writer, I hope you’ll join me in writing today. Always remember: what separates writers from the rest is that writers write. 

Until Next Time,



Off for Some Vacation

Hey Everybody, time to hang up the fiction and blog writing for a bit and head out for some very late summer vacation.

North Woods

It’s true. I’m off to the North Woods again for some R&R, so I’ll see you next time here on the blog. I plan to be back Sept. 23 with a new post and some more news on how the writing is going.

Until then…

Keep Reading, Keep Writing,


PS…And take some vacation yourself, you deserve it!